The quality of a door and frame depends on three things

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Quality of timber

STEP - 1

Quality of seasoning

STEP - 2
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Quality of manufacturing

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We maintain all three factors properly, that’s why our quality is so high.

1. Quality of timber

We collect the highest quality timber from best vendors in bangladesh to produce the highest quality door and frame for the satisfaction of our customers.

The quality of timber depends on geographical location. Some places' timbers are much better quality than others, like mangoes we get from the Rajshahi district in Bangladesh are the sweetest than any other district in the country. Teak grows in many countries of the world, but teak from Burma is the best in the world. We had the opportunity to compare oak from the United States and other countries of the world. We found that oak from the United States is much better crispier and stronger.

In my  country Bangladesh, Chittagong grows the best teak. Quality is almost similar to Burma teak, price is much cheaper too. Shill Karai comes only from Chittagong. Same karai  grows other parts in the country,  is called Kali karai. Quality of Kali Karai is much inferior to Chittagong Shill Karai.

Gamari also grows in many countries in the world. I’ve found the Gamari from the Chittagong district in Bangladesh is the best.

Now we are importing Teak Chambal from overseas. Teak Chambal, which we use to collect from Chittagong is much better than the imported ones, but it’s not available now. We use the Teak Chambal for the frame and discourage people to make doors out of it.

As quality timber Mahogany is the best and cheapest I found, which comes from Jessore. Mahogany grows all over the country, but their fiber will not compare with the fiber, density, and color of Jessore, they are simply beautiful.

Ninety percent of the total product we sell is, Jessore Mahogany because they are cheaper and better.

We buy only matured timbers to make sure after we season those lumbers don’t bend or bowed and get longer life.

2. Quality of seasoning


Kiln Dry Chamber | Seasoning Chamber | Wood World's Seasoning Chamber

The most consumer doesn’t understand the meaning of seasoning. They think, that laying the timber in sunlight will take the moisture out of the timber and will be properly seasoned. That is a process to season timber, but it will take a long time to have it seasoned properly and the timber may split and get bowed. For commercial purposes, it’s not feasible at all. If we have to use 2000 CFT lumber for production every day, it’s not possible to lay the lumber in the sun for a year and do the production. In this kind of situation, we must have a modern Kiln-Dry Chamber. The old version Kiln-Dry Chambers takes 15 to 30 days to season. I’ve developed a Kiln-Dry Chamber which takes only 48 hours to bring the moisture down to 7 to 12 percent. In this Kiln-Dry Chamber, we use high temperatures but doesn’t affect the quality of the timber.

3. Quality of manufacturing techniques

We may have good quality timber, which is properly seasoned, if we don’t make the door properly, it may not be strong, long-lasting, and good-looking. I’ve developed some machines which do the job properly and quickly, like a 4-side planer, with a minimum length capacity of 12”. Multi Rip Saw, Multi guided cutting machine, Tenor Machine, Mortising Machine, Auto bit Cutter, Large Oscillating Drum Sander, and Back Back Abrasive Rotary Brush Sander, all these machines work together and make the job done right.

We use the best timber seasoned properly and never use dowel pins to assemble the door. We use a wooden pin to join Tenor and Mortising together, to assemble the door properly with the help of the best kind of wood glue.

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