Wood World - 25 Years Product Warranty for all the customers.

"Wood World" is offering its honorable customer 25 years reparement and replacement warranty. It has a large capacity of producing the Door and as well as Frame. We believe in manufacturing quality product to satisfy our clients. We have already established a strong brand image, not only for the best quality wooden doors but also for a floral door design. Now we are one of the best door manufacturers who delivers innovative, contemporary doors to their clients.

Since we maintain high quality, strictly maintain mature timber, sawing properly, air drying, just right to the 30% moisture content. We take this air dried lumber to the kiln-dry chamber for proper seasoning to bring the moisture content down to 3%, it doesn't stay in 3%, goes back up to 14% to our standard moisture content.

Our Specialty:

Wood world is the first company in Bangladesh which has most modern kiln-dry chamber, examined by Forest Research and Development Department. We manufacture doors and door frames with boiled and moisture free woods, seasoned in our chamber. Quality production is our first priority.

We have developed the seasoning chamber and other equipment (used in doors and frame manufacturing) at our own facility. These machines are modern and accurate.

Why do you choose us?

We have developed the seasoning chamber, which can bring the moisture content to 3%within 48 hours without degrading the quality of timber, and other equipment are manufactured in our own facility. These machines are modern and accurate, and easy to maintain and operate.