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About Founder

Mr. Rafiqul Alam Molla
Teacher (Under Federal Gov. USA) on Wood Technology
BSc. Engineer - Electrical (USA)

He made all the machines to make the highest quality wooden door and frames.

Who we are

WOOD WORLD is the first company in Bangladesh is using the latest Kiln-Dry Chamber to season the timber and ensure the moisture is reduced to below 15%. Our 25 years warranty is proof of our quality. These days it's hard to get quality products paying even more money, especially in the wooden sector. WOOD WORLD is the most reliable brand at home and abroad.

Wood World is a professional, reliable, and friendly organization operating in Mirpur Dhaka. Wooden Frame Whether you are looking for a wooden door or door frame, we will provide the highest quality service. We ensure the seasoning, manufacturing, polishing, and installation is done to our client's satisfaction. For manufacturing doors and frames, we use the highest quality seasoned wood, manufactured to individual orders taking into account the client's expectations and tastes. Our selection of wood is based on a long-lasting value and aims to consistently deliver high standard, timely, and sensibly priced services. So why not visit our industry in Mirpur Dhaka, or leave a mail at where our fully experienced staff welcome any inquiries you may have regarding your wooden door needs or, send us an inquiry through our website. We are able to do any timber doors of any size, so if your desire to purchase which is not in the gallery, then please send your specifications through our pricing page or leave a mail at and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. For instance, we are dealing with Mahogany wood, which grows in all 64 Districts in Bangladesh, soil and weather vary a lot from each district, and due to that variation quality of the timber varies a lot, that's why we usually ask whether this Mahogany is from Jessore, If you go to a timber merchant ask whether this Mahogany is from Jessore or not. He will usually never say it's from Barisal, he will say it's from Jessore because the Mahogany tree from Jessore produces the best timber if it's matured.

Wooden Frame

For instance, we are dealing with Mahogany wood, which grows in all 64 Districts in Bangladesh, but the quality of timber varies a lot due to the geographical location soil and weather varies has a big impact on timber quality. Since Jessore produces high-quality Mahogany timber, farmers take advantage of that and grow Mahogany instead of other crops and make a good profit.

They plant them properly and nurture them until they are mature and strong, then they sell them to the local timber merchant and make good money. weather varies a lot from each district, and due to that variation of quality varies a lot, that's why we usually ask whether this Mahogany is from Jessore or not, he will never say it's from Barisal, he will say it's from Jessore because Jessore produces the best Mahogany timber if it's matured.

How in the world would you know whether the timber merchant or the door manufacturer is telling you the truth, and how would you be sure to get the right product for the price you are paying, and wouldn't you have a doubt in your mind whether the timer was from Jessore?, and how would you know whether the timber comes from Jessore is the best or the worst, all these doubts makes a customer difficult to make the right decision, and how would you know whether we are telling you the truth?, because you don't know the difference between timber from Jessore or other District,

that's why we ask you to come and visit our industry to find out.

How do we make sure of the quality?

Since we can't tell the difference whether it's from Jessore or another district, we have our own sawmill in Chigor Gossa Jessore, and a dependable purchasing manager to purchase the timber from the market to make sure the timber is matured, and saw timber in different required sizes and bring it to our industry by truck and air dry for 15 days to make sure we don't damage the timber with split, unusual bend, honeycomb, and cracks while Kiln-dried, which takes another 4 days, to bring the moisture down to 7 percent and rest for 7 days or more before we can go for production.

Wood World maintains the highest quality, which is mainly related to our raw materials, like wood, quality of wood is very difficult to maintain but, we always maintain it strictly. The second thing is seasoning, which is also maintained properly. We have two most modern seasoning chambers to take care of that, around 14% moisture content is standard. The manufacturing technique is the most modern. Clients are happy, so are we.

WOOD WORLD was established in 2000 by Mr. Rafiqul Alam Molla. Using the latest American technology he made all the machines for the door and door frame production only for the development of the best structure of manufacturing the highest quality products. He say's "We don't maintain the quality, the machines themselves maintain the quality". Over the 20 years, WOOD WORLD made itself a synonym to class, affordable, and most durable wooden door and door frame collection. Due to high-quality products, amazing customer support, innovative designs we are going to lead in the front.

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Customer Reviews

Wood World BD

850+ Customer Reviews

Ahmed Miazi 13/03/2022

We have ordered 65 shegun doors. They are processing and their customer updating system is very unique.

Rahim Shikdar 02/02/2022

1200 doors and frames have already been taken from them. And also they are supplying frames for our running projects. Good quality and service.

Ahmed Shikdar - Uttara 2/27/2022

Finishing is good. I bought only three doors from them. Right time delivery.

Sultan Mahmud 4/19/2022

I have bought 406 doors from them. Already 5 years gone, none of the doors is broken or cracked. Their quality is very impressive. I will work with them on another big project in the ___City area. All the best Wood World.

Tamanna Hossain

Variety of designs. I have bought 2 doors for my house.

Abdul Kayum 20/10/2020

Nice finishing and material quality. I have visited their factory a few days ago.

Amir Hossain 20/10/2021

Their quality is good. But the price is little high.

Abu Ibrahim Molla 09/10/2021

Beautiful door design.

Kazi Rasheduzzaman Bhuiyan 07/09/2021

Nice door with nice finishing. I bought 5 mahogany doors for my new flat. Highly recommended. You can try them. Thanks

Md. Sultan Khan 21/04/21

Best door company.
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