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Highest quality

We do maintain the highest possible quality. We are using the latest American technology to produce the best quality door and frame with the best quality timber.

Innovative design

Wood World is very conscious about the design of our products. We are changing our design time to time consequent to the demand of our client. Any design you might like to have your own just show us, we will be happy to make this for you with highest possible quality.

Latest technology

There is no way to produce the highest quality door and frame without using the technology. We are using our own technology to produce the best quality door and frame for you. The Managing Director of Wood World has made all the machines are working to produce high quality products.

Large production capacity

We have larger production capacity as we are using all the latest machines. We can produce approximately 100+ doors and 200+ frames a day. You are welcome to visit our giant factory to see how we can manage to do that.

Exporting on overseas

Wood World is now exporting the doors and frames to all over the world meeting up the demand of our country. We will be able to start exporting DUBAI, CHAINA and MALAYASIA within a very short time.

25 years replacement and repairment warranty

We are giving to our honorable customers about 25 years of replacement and repairment warranty. We have the specific terms and conditions about this warranty.


Wood World has been manufacturing the highest quality door and frame since 2000 using Kiln -Dry chamber (For seasoning) and other high tech machines. Our only kiln-dry chamber is tested and approved by the "Forest Research and Development" in Bangladesh. Within 25 years we provide free services whether repairmen and replacement are needed.



Wooden door and door frame manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Quality is our first priority.

Wood World has started its journey 20 years ago, since then we have been manufacturing the highest solid wooden door and frame, using solid wood. Most of our wood is local. Few timbers are coming from overseas to meet the requirement of our clients. Managing Director of Wood World knows the natural and technical difficulties working with wooden products, especially with wooden doors and frames.


Wood World is the first company in Bangladesh which provides the highest quality timber to our honorable customers. We believe that quality manufacturing and quality timber can produce a high quality finished product.

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Our quality is so high like - timber quality, seasoning quality, and manufacturing quality, combining these three qualities to make high-quality products. So, we call is "Price is lower than the quality". It is difficult to get high-quality timber, the quality of timber depends on two things, 1. The geographical location where the timber grows, 2. Maturity of the timber.

You must be looking for quality doors ?

We collect all the quality timber from all over the country to make sure our quality is the highest in the market. In this sector it’s very important to earn the client’s trust, there are many companies those who are making a different kind of door using a different kind of raw material and method, but the wooden door in Bangladesh is very new when you are using machines to produce them. The wooden door is very popular these days, because of our quality have been maintained by the unique techniques we have been implementing through our innovative machines.

Managing Director

Rafiqul Alam Molla

Satisfying customers is a very difficult task. That's exactly what we are good at and learning to be better every day

Managing Director of Wood World knows the natural and technical difficulties working with wooden products, especially with wooden doors and frames.


Parvin Molla

For durability and beautiful look, nothing is compared with properly KILN-DRIED solid wooden door.

The value of a house mainly depends on the quality of a beautiful entrance door and door frame. Slight bending or shrinkage of a door or door frame can cause a big hassle to the user.

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