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Nowadays, wooden door price in Bangladesh is a commonly asked question for the people. They want to know the wooden textured Partex flush door price also. But, most people don’t know when they want to buy a wooden door and what to look for regarding quality and price. Basically, a wooden door’s price depends on
How to select quality Mahogany timber? Mahogany timbers grow many countries in the world, where the weather and soil are suitable to grow Mahogany timber. Having quality Mahogany timber mainly depends on soil, weather and harvesting strategy. When the plants are smaller, they needed a lot of nursing and maintenance, like cutting off the small
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Mahogany is a very high-quality timber if it’s grown commercially, matured and from a good Mahogany grown area. We can make a high-quality interior and exterior door and door frame, and beautiful furniture. Mahogany doors are very strong, long-lasting and beautiful. It is good for the main entry and interior door. Mahogany grows in every
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About 10 years ago we started (Bangladesh) started importing panel door from overseas, look great, the thickness is 36 mm, polishing is beautiful, was selling like a hot cake at the price of $300.00/ door. Now after 10 years, they are trying to sell the same door for $75.00, but few people are buying it
This seasoning chamber is able to season raw wood with 48 hours only.
We think, the biggest the tree, the most matured it is, which is true but, not all the time. When users lose confidence in the nonprofessional manufacturer, for producing low-quality door and frames production, they get confused and angry. The problem with the door doesn’t take place right away door and frame, sometimes trouble starts
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Seasoning is one of the most important factors in the furniture and door manufacturing industry, besides selecting the right timber, correctly sectioning, and properly sawing to your desired sizes and thicknesses. Without proper seasoning, the door, frame, and furniture may be manufactured and used but the problem is, after a certain period of time the
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