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Main door design

Main door design varies from country to country, culture to culture, religion to religion and so many other unknown reasons. In our country, a main door design depends mainly on financial ability, taste, profession, family background, and so on. Most of the rich people pick the most expensive timber like Burma teak or Chittagong Teak. There are thousands of designs that can be applied to a door depending on various reasons. Some people make their main door using the curving of a tree, bird, or flower. They think main doors are not an only necessity anymore. This serves two purposes. One is protection and the second is beauty. They consider it as an ornament. They want to create a design that they like and want to expose to other people as a sign of aristocracy.  Some people try to make a bulletproof door for the sake of safety and protection. The key question they usually ask about the main door wheather is going to bend after a while or crack, shrink, or termite, there are a lot of questions from our clients they want the answer for. Some of the answers to the questions are pretty difficult for our clients to understand because of unparallel backgrounds we have to discuss the quality of timber, discuss different timbers, the origin, maturity, kind of timber, and kind of sawing.

Quarter sawing is very popular in western countries but it is not in ours. We usually practice plain sawing where timber usually has the tendency of bending which happens during sawing and after only our proper seasoning. After seasoning our timber's moisture content usually stand below 14% which is idle for door manufacturing or furniture. If we make our door with a good design with moisture content below 14% door would not bend, shrink or crack. Then we usually explain to our clients how we season our timber. Like we have a highly insulated chamber, where heat loss is not more than 1.5% only. We continue the heating process to the timber at about 60-80 degrees celsius.

Wooden main doors are the most popular around the world. Burma teak main doors are the most popular in Bangladesh. Mahogany main doors are popular too. We have main doors with different designs, some designs are popular for both (main & internal doors). The main door is usually made with Burma teak, Chittagong teak, Chittagong Gamari, Mahogany, and Teak chambul. The main door made with Teak Chambul is not much popular.





WW-04-AF-Main Door

WW-25-CF-Maind Door





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